Tune in on Sunday, April 20 at 11:00 am MST when I interview Brooks Luby, local Denver Fashion Designer on Fashion Forward Radio, a presentation of Today’s Woman Network.

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Brooks Ltd was founded in 1976, the dream of the sole designer and visionary, D. Brooks, a Colorado native. Educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Brooks draws inspiration from the world around her. As a professional fashion designer or couturier, her awareness of advances in fabric technology as well as changes in fashion influences and lifestyle keep her a step ahead. The newest trends are woven into her ever-changing collection.

An independent boutique owner since 1974, Brooks also sold her clothing designs nationally to Saks Fifth Avenue and others. In 1976, she pioneered a salon trend by opening a designer boutique within Neusteter’s, a long-time high-end Denver department store. From 1979 through 2001, savvy women frequented her Cherry Creek North boutique, a Mecca for the well dressed and in-the-know. Since 2002, clients make their appointments one at a time in Brooks private atelier.

A breast cancer survivor since 1990, Brooks determination to succeed and serve hasn’t been diminished by her experience. As a result, she’s more empathetic and understanding of women’s needs. A frequent designer featured at “A Day of Caring”, a fund raiser for Breast Cancer research, she gained statewide recognition by her contributions to this celebrated event.

Her creations are fresh, pure, and on the edge, yet recognized for their sophisticated simplicity. “I aspire to craft pieces that fit the lifestyle of my clients — active, comfortable, feminine and alluring. From the concept to the final fitting, every ensemble is an original, designed entirely around them.” Above all, Brooks offers each client a unique relationship, one that anticipates their fashion needs. Her talents save them time as they plan their calendar. And if magic is what you need — festive, fun, dreamlike, or outrageous, almost no commission is beyond reach.

“Busy women have more important things to do than chase the next trend,” explains Brooks.

“My clients allow me to interpret those trends for them, guaranteeing the right look and the right fit.” Created to last, Brooks’ designs offer years of wearing pleasure. Join the list of fashion loving and discerning women who simply — see Brooks first.

By appointment only. For more information call 303.573.3801


Tune in on Thursday, April 17 at 11:00 am MST on Pay It Forward Radio when I interview Dustin Rumsey with Pay It Forward Paragould.  Dustin Rumsey is a dedicated community leader from Paragould, Arkansas which he calls the small town with a big heart. 

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Dustin serves on several boards of non-profit organziations and is the founder of Pay it Forward Paragould: a community based group focused on random acts of kindness and promotion of the pay it forward movement.   Dustin and his group was responsible for the Candy for Caraway candy drive where they gathered about 1,000 lbs candy for their neighbors in Caraway, Arkansas who were victims of a hurricane on Halloween night 2013.   Just this month Pay it Forward Paragould collected 600 lbs of peanut butter and jelly for  the backpack programs in local schools which is a program designed to help feed kids who might not have food outside of school.

Inspired by simply stumbling upon Charley Johnson’s youtube videos one night Pay it Forward Paragould has grown into a network of great people and businesses in the community that just want things to be better and make a difference.  Dustin started by speaking to civic groups about the Pay it Forward movement and handing out Pay it Forward bracelets and cards in the community to gain momentum.   Now, he has turned his attention toward reaching students by giving pro-kindness programs in schools talking about the impact they can have with pay it forward and that they have the superpower of kindness to make the world a better place.

Since it’s founding in September 2013 Dustin and Pay it Forward Paragould have been featured on the cover of the Premiere magazine, has had several stories in the local newspaper and news, as well as being named a “Difference Maker” in the community by the Paragould Daily Press in 2013.






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March 29, 2014
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