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Darla Rae is an award winning Christian filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. Her first full-length feature film, “The Goal” won nine awards at various International Film Festivals in three countries, including Mumbai, and Milan and received worldwide distribution.

Rae’s first documentary “Dandy Kids” also won awards and screened before the United States Congress and was distributed by Film It Productions and continues to help the medical community along with children and their families around the world.

Spirit of Love; the Mike “Stinger” Glenn story is her most recent success story and another of the heart. Spirit of Love is about retired NBA legend Mike Glenn and his real life basketball camps for the deaf and hard of hearing. It was also nominated against Warner Brothers successful sports film about Jackie Robinson for an ICM award for TOP 5 Best Inspirational Movie.. While the films have parallel moments their budgets couldn’t be further apart. While “42” was made for $ 40 million, Rae’s film came in under 40K and in 14 days. Spirit of Love, the Mike Glenn story is the 5th feature and second sports film for Rae. The film has received numerous awards including the Inspirational Country Music associations “Best Inspirational Family Movie of the Year in October 2013. In addition the film is captioned and described and being distributed to all deaf & blind students K -12 in the United States through the NAD (National Association for the Deaf) library and the US Department of Education. Spirit of Love is also distributed worldwide through IAMFlix.com.

Current projects in development are a narrative feature “The French American” about 95 year old WWII veteran Major John Tschirhart; a story of love and honor and “ Brian’s Story, Beyond the Grave”; a feature about the first soldier from Houston killed in Afghanistan. Rae’s feature documentary called “Simply Magica, Tearing Down Wallsl” just opened in theaters in August 2014 and continues to raise awareness for a nonprofit theater company called Magic Moments. Magic Moments is a unique blending of performers who are professional, amateur, and those from the special needs community who are the true shining stars.”Simply Magical” chronicles the 31 years and the impact that it has had on the community and the lives in Denver Colorado.

Rae started acting at the age of eight. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa, it was only natural that her love of the arts would flourish. She started acting in stage productions and gradually made the transition to writing, directing, and producing. Rae moved to film when she was 18 working as an extra in John Carpenter’s “ Halloween”. She has written, directed, and produced numerous stage, film, video and commercial production


She loves sports and has coached athletes in softball, volleyball, and basketball. Rae’s passion and unlimited creativity along with her business experience produces products of excellence. She is an alumna of The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Darla also has over 20 years of experience in Management for aerospace companies managing production and procurement, including contracts with NASA. Rae spends her time traveling to schools and universities, colleges, and churches where she speaks on Christian and inspirational films and the importance they have in society.

She encourages people everywhere to follow their dreams and to use the talents God has given them to make a difference in the lives of others. She enjoys mentoring and encouraging young athletes and actors. Rae and her company Film It Productions produces films that uplift, encourage, motivate and inspire audiences while raising awareness.

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The word “change” often evokes a sense of fear in people. After all, “change” means leaving ones comfort zone and trying something new that has risk and could possibly fail. But what happens when “change” is used in a positive way like, “I am going to change the world in a way no one thought possible”? This phrase is a powerful commitment that a Salt Lake City, Utah man named Charley Johnson has made to the world.

Back in 2008, a then 27-year old successful business owner Charley was driving on the freeway when an idea popped in his head. The Lance Armstrong ‘Live Strong’ bracelet was popular at the time and Charley thought, “why not create a bracelet that serves as a reminder to do good for others rather than to support a cause?” With that, Charley immediately placed his first order of ‘Pay it Forward’ bracelets, a plain white silicone band with bold purple letters that simply said “PAY IT FORWARD”.

The idea behind the bracelet is simple. Wear the bracelet as a reminder to do good things for others, then when you are done, take off the bracelet, give it to the person you just helped and tell them it’s now their turn to do something good for someone else. Bracelets are given out for FREE to anyone who wants them, all on Charley’s dime. Incredibly, now three and a half years after Charley created them, over one million ‘Pay it Forward’ bracelets have been sent to 108 countries and counting!

In April 2011 Charley made a huge and very brave decision. He decided to leave his company and a coinciding amount of money that would make it so he never had to worry about money again, to dedicate his time and attention 100% to ‘Pay it Forward’. Since then, Charley has been traveling the country speaking to schools and organizations, handing out bracelets and delivering his powerful message. He does not ask for payment for his travel expenses or for speaking, Charley funds everything himself. Charley says, “’Pay it Forward’ is just too important to the world right now, we are all waiting for this positive change. I realized that no amount of money could make me happy like the joy of helping others can. We need to bring back the human connection.”

Charley’s labor of love is a 24/7 commitment. He’s in constant communication with people from all around the world via email, social media outlets, Skype, phone, you name it. Charley’s sacrificed a paycheck, his time and much of his personal life. It is not unusual for Charley to have an early morning Skype call with a school in Virginia while in a hotel room in California, where he’s staying to speak to another school nearby, or to fit in a radio interview while sitting in traffic in a state far away from home.

What is striking about Charley besides his piercing blue eyes is that his passion to change the world didn’t come from one defining moment in his life. In fact, Charley will tell you that he didn’t survive an illness, lose a family member, get in a car accident, or any other survival moment that made him who he is, he simply just is. He believes wholeheartedly that he needs to do something and he chose not to ignore that feeling.


Amazingly, the one million plus bracelets that have been sent so far have all been sent without marketing or advertising, just word of mouth. “The reason the bracelet is so successful is because it’s simple”, Charley says, “Giving is one thing, but when you ask a person to pay it forward you are putting trust in them and empowering them to do the same for another human being. You are allowing them the ability to feel what you feel, and to be the change they want to see in the world.” ‘Paying it Forward’ is also easy to do, and anyone and everyone can participate no matter their age, race, gender, religion, occupation or how much they make. A person is paying it forward when they hold a door open for a stranger, when they treat a waiter with respect and perhaps leave a nice tip, even a smile counts.

Charley is firm on always keeping the bracelets free to the public. It is extremely important to him to keep the concept simple, pure and genuine. On January 1, 2012 Charley will become President of the ‘Pay it Forward Foundation’which was founded in 2001 by best-selling author of the book “Pay it Forward”, Catherine Ryan Hyde. A member of the board since late 2008, Charley is looking forward to this opportunity to further spread the ‘Pay it Forward’ movement to the world. With a goal of one billion bracelets, he certainly has a long way to go but with his determination and dedication there is no doubt that this goal and many other ‘Pay it Forward’ goals will be met along the way.

To find out more about ‘Pay it Forward’, Charley or to simply share your own personal ‘pay it forward’ story, be sure to visit the ‘Pay it Forward Experience’ webpage.

By Nichole Johnson (Charley’s wife) – Salt Lake City Fashion Trends Examiner


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